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Intelligent Video Surveillance systems capture clear video for better security

Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Today, Video Surveillance Solution is all pervasive, edge-cutting across various industries and verticals. The technology has transitioned from standalone and analogue video to networked (IP) video with intelligence. Prisma Bytes offers comprehensive IP video surveillance solutions which are capable of addressing small, medium and large installations. We provide the end-to-end solutions to different verticals and needs.

Intelligent Video  Surveillance Solution

Based on years of experience with video codec algorithms, network transmission, cloud storage, and big data analytics, Prismabytes launches its series of video surveillance products and security solutions. Prismabytes's best-of-breed product capabilities in the security industry include HD video capture, wired and wireless network transmission, integrated cloud storage, and intelligent big data analytics. Prismabytes's open architecture is compatible with various vendors, providing customers with smart and convenient business applications. Prismabytes's video surveillance and Safe City solutions are used in more than 100 countries and regions, and create a safer environment for more than one billion people.


Video Surveillance Software that is open platform and working with any IP cameras via Onvif as well as COTS computer hardwares

Cathexis control room
Intelligent Situation Awareness


Focus on Actionable Intelligence and Situational Awareness – Delivers unrecedented security intelligence to help organizations increase situational awareness, improve security responsiveness and realize greater operational efficiency. Provide not only Video Management Solution but the Integrated Situational Awareness Platform for Critical Infrastructure, Safe Cities, Government Projects etc.


A global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of predictive video security solutions including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services – End to End Solution

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Typical Use Cases


The demand for heightened security fuels advances—and growth—in video surveillance. Understand the challenges.


Keeping students safe has never mattered more. Video surveillance is an important tool for creating secure campuses.


More cameras. Higher definition. Longer retention. Improved security and monitoring solutions help keep people safe.


Is your storage infrastructure up to the challenges of new video-surveillance technologies?

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