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ThruLink™ ThruLink Standard Capacity / Standard Capacity Plus


Encrypted, Hardware VPN for Secure WAN Transmission

New Generation ThruLink:

  • Secure, encrypted communication via tunnelling
  • Transmits IP signals over any type of WAN/LAN
  • Embedded 3G/4G version for streaming secure live video from vehicles
  • Supports meshed networks
  • Optimizes channel for maximum throughput
  • Supports FIPS and encryption Blowfish, AES & Camellia up to 256 bit
  • Auto-reconnects if the network connection fails
  • Multiple failover
  • Supports DHCP
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Straightforward installation

With embedded 3G/4G, use ThruLink to stream secure, live video from patrol vehicles, school buses and public transport.