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Advanced Video Analytics solutions

Face recognition & Analysis

Deep Learning based AI matches the Face detected in the camera view with the registered faces in the database and triggers alarms or responses as per requirements. With a matching time of <100 milliseconds for 1 million faces as well as flexibility of working in a wide range of circumstances and high detection rate irrespective of the poses, camouflage or age, our facial recognition and analysis software can ensure security.

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Crowd Management/Counting

Detects crowd in the camera field of view / region of interest, and when the crowd formation goes beyond a specified threshold (crowd count / percentage of area) alerts against the over-crowing scenario. In addition, various analytical features like face counting, demographic analysis etc amongst others can also help you make informed decisions. Counts are provided in both directions (coming in/going out) if deployed to count the number of people traversing a certain passage. Some areas where these features can make a great difference would be:

Count People in Crowd/ Queue/ Retail Count Faces, People, Vehicles, Objects Efficient Performance in Dense Crowds Multi-directional Counting

Parking Management

Smart parking management provides the parking occupancy level and free parking slot availability by detecting vehicle entry and exit as well as by monitoring the individuals slots in the parking lots. As a result, many value additions can be provided to the end customers like providing info on the number of slots vacant in a particular slot and their locations using indication lamps, reminding the customers of their vehicles parking location by recognizing the number plates and identifying the parking slot where the car is parked in addition to many other features. Entities can also have analytical data on parking slots usage along with ensuring security by detetcting illegal parking as well as vehicle entry / exit plate recognition along with driver’s facial recognition.

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Intrusion of a person or vehicle can be achieved by detecting if there was a crossing (or touching) of an object on a virtual line drawn in the camera field of view. The line crossing event can be detected for both directions. This solution provides a very high level of accuracy resulting in virtually no false alarms and enables improved perimeter protection.

Monitor Employee Attendance Remotely

Time clocks connected to the Internet via the Sigfox global IoT network allow employers to monitor the attendance of workers on remote job sites. Forget the hassle of SIM cards to track employee comings and goings with constant and real-time connected monitoring.

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In the event that there is detection of a person’s or vehicle’s presence beyond a specified time (set by the user) in a monitored virtual area in the camera field of view, alarms are triggered and the user can take appropriate action.