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EntroWatch Access Control Software

EntroWatch is a management software package for use with EntroStar and EntroNet controllers and provides a live tile dashboard and comprehensive single screen user interface. The software includes auto-discovery and display of BACnet devices and CCTV cameras with live view and monitoring. Discovered cameras can be selected for display in sequence on the EntroWatch dashboard and can be included in graphics. Snapshot capture of any camera is also featured.

Global lockdown provides a single click action to lock down all doors in the event of an emergency. The lockdown icon appears at the top of every screen in EntroWatch. Specified doors can be excluded from the automatic lockdown. Actions can be configured to operate automatically (e.g. fire alarm), via a schedule (e.g. disable alarms during office hours) or via operator instruction (e.g. turn on all the floodlights). All actions are configured in the EntroWatch host and downloaded to the panels for autonomous operation. Peer to peer operation is also supported.

EntroWatch supports attendance reporting with a number of standard reports available for printing and export including Daily Attendance, "First In / Last Out", Absence and Dormancy and supervisor enabled working time adjustment to facilitate more accurate reporting. Other features include: global anti-passback, interlock facility, fire door support, custom badge designer, passback and PIN immunity, custom card format editor and Biometric reader support.

A Certified Secure 'CS' version is available as part of the prismabytes CPNI portfolio.

  • Alarms handling: unattended system alarm suppression
  • Alarm resolution codes: prescribed and custom response recording
  • Attendance reports: complete built-in reporting suite
  • Automatic discovery: of EntroStar and EntroNet door controllers
  • Badge designer: integrated badge design facility
  • Calendars: to provide variations to access rights, scheduled actions and holidays
  • CCTV integrations: live streaming, pre/post alarms and screen capture
  • Customisable dashboards: per user
  • Credential relocation: nightly relocation for everyone back offsite
  • Custom tile views: configure screens to look as you need them
  • Device limits: up to 100 panels (200 doors EntroStar or 800 doors with EntroNet)
  • Door monitor: monitor specific doors
  • Encrypted communications: between the door controllers and EntroWatch
  • Interlock facilityaccess based on the condition of another door(s)
  • Fire door supportunlock a set of doors using an input from a fire alarm panel
  • Global anti-passback: prevents a credential from being used to re-enter an area
  • Global lockdown: issue a single command to lock down a site
  • Graphics engine: import and superimpose controllable and monitoring features
  • Mapping: one-to-many peer-to-peer I/O mapping
  • Onsite report: list or tile view for who is on site
  • Operator roles: settable operator roles
  • Passback and PIN immunity
  • Personal Identification Codes (PIC): numeric credentials (PIC)
  • PIDS integration: with Sabre II systems installed with the Sabre BACnet/IP gateway
  • Pin to dashboard: tile creation (outputs, inputs, doors)
  • Reader integrations: prismabytes EntroPad card readers and IEVO biometric readers
  • Scheduled actions: manual, automatic and scheduled including interlock facility
  • Standards: designed to UL94, UL 294 and 1076
  • Choice of user languages: English (UK), English (USA), Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, Hungarian, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese (simple), French Canadian, Malay and Welsh

For Premium Edition features please see the EntroWatch software comparison table


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A 2-door access control unit for managing up to 200 doors.

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An 8-door access control unit for managing up to 800 doors.

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EntroPad can function as a smart 13.56MHz card reader for MIFARE, PicoPass

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IEVO Biometric readers for fingerprint authentication and use with Entro series access control.