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iDEM - Integrated Digital Evidence Management
PRISMABYTES introduces integrated digital management system that provides convenience for the use of the body worn cameras supplied by PRISMABYTES.

IDEM composed of three parts:

Mobile Video Management System (MVMS), Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) and the System Operation And Maintenance Management (Management).

In order to facilitate the standardized management of digital evidence and improve the efficiency of command and scheduling, iDEM is built to achieve:

Unified Management

4G body worn camera, ordinary body worn camera and docking station are integrated to uniformly manage the digital evidence of user units, so as to achieve cross-region and cross-department authorized sharing of media resources, avoid frequent trips to and from offices, improving the work efficiency of end users

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Real-time Command

With 4G network in MVMS, all kinds of information such as video, voice and location is returned to real-time control of personnel distribution and field situation. •It is convenient for commander to communicate with field personnel, so as to achieve real-time command and scheduling.

Platform also supports

  • Managing the operation log of platform
  • Managing the authorization for different departments and users
  • Managing the 4G body worn camera
  • Managing the docking station
  • Managing the storage server
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