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Body Temperature Measure System

Temperature Measure and Face Recognition System
System Formations

Industry Background

Infectious Diseases Serious Events
WHO shows in 2003 ,the SARS epidemic data statistics
Ebola virus data statistics
Close Connection between Infectous Diseases and Fever

According to clinical manifestations, among the 39 legal infectious diseases in China, 28 have premature fever symptoms

Body temperature measure is an important method for epidemic predictive control

Principles for Preventing and Controlling Infectious Diseases

System Functions

Online monitoring for rapid temperature measurement

  • Simultaneous detection of up to 8 targets, at 20 fps
  • Efficient temperature measurement
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Multilevel Distribution Architecture

  • 3 levels distribution deployment
  • Servers and Clients management based on different project scale

Mobile APP

  • Real-time health data monitoring
  • Health data statistics ,user receives health report
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Archives Management

  • Data management
  • Batch import/export
  • Self-learning algorithm, face library regular update

Health Archives Management

  • Temperature data, Data structuring
  • Health archives & Status
  • Tips
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Data Statistics Report

  • Statistic reports
  • Analysis according to Age/Gender/ Time/Type and illness/Location

Pre Warning Management

  • Face recognition intelligent technology works in combination with temperature measurement technology, camera provides the lock of the overtemperature target solving a problem when overtemperature target information cannot be confirmed immediately, at the same time camera provides materials for a further supervision and sends a report
  • Audio support
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System Management

  • System status monitoring, system configuration, operation log, abnormal log, debug information etc