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PB - CTM series Up to 20km Long Range Cooled Thermal Camera


Function: Detect the mini temperature difference and temperature distribution.

Benefits: 24hours long range video surveillance, with better performance in smoke, foggy, rainy and dust environment.

Application: Airports, Coastline, highway, forest fire prevention, nuclear plant, border security and perimeter protection.

Wide FOV:

  • Bulit-in a Cooled MCT detector
  • The middle-wave infrared band (3.7µm~4.8µm)
  • The image pixel is 640 * 512 pixel
  • Cooling mode is sterling cooler
  • The mini pixel is 15µm
  • NETD : 18mk@25℃

Narrow FOV:

  • Digital zoom : 2X / 4X
  • White hot / Black hot
  • Multiple zoom lens optional
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • RJ 45 / RS 485 optional
  • Micro-step control PTZ