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DITEC Series - Boom Barrier

Prismabytes offers a complete range of Automation Systems for Gates, Automatic Doors and High-Speed and is an ideal solution for completely secure vehicle access control and management. The elliptical arm covers from 1.3 m till 7.6 m and can manage car parks that are even bidirectional. Our boom barriers are fully compliant with all EU directives and standards.

Key Features and Benefits

  • SAFE AND LONG LASTING as it have base plate with anchoring clamps to secure the cabinet solidly and firmly to the ground
  • Stainless steel rivets without welding remain unchanged over time
  • Electronic anti-frost system that guarantees the efficiency of the motor even at low temperatures
  • Battery operation: in the event of a blackout, the control panel is powered by batteries to ensure proper operation of the automation system, also essential in areas where the power supply is not always guaranteed
  • Single-block die-cast gear reducer for simple assembly and greater durability
  • In the event of disturbance/interference, 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequencies are available
  • Opening to the right or left by simply changing the spring position
  • Balancing system that uses a single spring that works by compression
Ditec Barrier
Ditec Barrier

Key Features and Benefits

  • VERSATILE to meet various requirements with a range of accessories like bar with joint for installing the barrier where height is limited when opening and does not allow the bar to move vertically (e.g. underground car parks)
  • LED bar lighting kit to make obstacles visible and to indicate the automation system status: the LED is off when the bar is open, flashing during movement and steady on when the bar is closed
  • Electro-mechanical lock to guarantee greater safety and protection from undesirable openings
  • key-protected release lever accessed quickly on the inspection side
  • Designed to accommodate assembly of photocells inside the cabinet